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In 2015, lodging property owners joined forces with the Siskiyou Economic Development Council to implement Siskiyou County's first-ever Tourism Improvement District. This district unites eight jurisdictions as well as county territory with the shared goal to raise sustainable funds to market the region as a travel and tourism destination.

Tourists contribute to sales, profits, jobs, tax revenues, workforce, and income in an area.

The Siskiyou Tourism Improvement District (TID) is run by a 7 member management committee comprised of assessment-paying business owners and managers that represent a variety of locations in Siskiyou.  Meetings are open to the public and are held monthly at convenient locations along the I-5 corridor.

2017 'Year in Review' video

About TIDs

TIDs utilize the efficiencies of private sector operations in the market-based promotion of tourism districts. TIDs allow lodging business owners to organize their efforts to increase room night sales. Lodging businesses owners within the TID pay an assessment and those funds are used to provide services that increase room night sales.

California's TIDs collectively raise over $150 million for local destination marketing. With competitors raising their budgets, and increasing rivalry for visitor dollars, it is important that businesses continue their investment in stable, lodging-specific marketing programs.