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Agriculture Feature

Belcampo Farms


Siskiyou is home to some of the leading agricultural producers in California. Siskiyou has been a leader in high-value agricultural products for decades. In recent years, Siskiyou has attracted a number of agricultural producers that are paving the way to provide high-value products to marketplaces along the West Coast and internationally.


Belcampo Farms is a vertically integrated food company and has been in business for nearly five year years. Starting out with just one butcher shop and restaurant, Belcampo now has a total of eight retail locations in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

"Each new retail location required us to expand our farming production, which is all done here in Siskiyou County,” said Farm Director, Rodney Dowse, “We’re raising beef cattle, sheep, swine, and poultry, all on a pasture based, grass fed system in an organic manner."

Since the beginning, Belcampo has grown from a few hundred acres to nearly 20,000 acres of farm land. All Belcampo products are raised organically and certified organic by CCOF.

Belcampo’s choice to establish farm land was due to affordable property with easy access to competitive markets.

“Obvious advantages to locating in Siskiyou County are, over and above, easy access to Intersate-5; it allows us very easy shipping lines. From a farming perspective, there’s a lot of land base that’s available which allows our business opportunity to grow and quite frankly, grow in a very affordable manner compared to other areas of California,” said Dowse.

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