Siskiyou Economic Development

Siskiyou Advantages

Siskiyou Advantages

Welcome to Siskiyou, California’s North.

Located at the top of the state, we are adventurous, daring, and uniquely Californian. We take great pride in our community and our county. Ask any of us, and we’ll tell you that there’s no better place in the world to live, explore, experience, and just be.

Siskiyou offers substantial incentives to assist in your decision including:

o   Power – Siskiyou County is serviced by Pacific Power, which provides the lowest rates in the state. Pacific Power has a track record of providing excellent service and can install higher capacity stations if there is a need.

o   Fast Track Siting and Permitting – Our communities are committed to expedited permitting and low fees.

o   Workforce and Housing – You will find our area combines one of the most affordable labor and housing markets. Siskiyou County’s average home price is 40 percent less than other counties in the Northern California region. (

Siskiyou is home to leading companies in food, agriculture, wood products, tourism, and manufacturing. Companies that choose to locate here do so because of the quick, easy access to the world’s largest consumer marketplaces, low cost of living, and a quality of life that is unparalleled.