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Attracting a Brewery to Your Community: A Step by Step Guide

Siskiyou is home to a number of breweries that have been providing a much desired service to the Siskiyou consumer marketplace such as the Etna Brewery & Taphouse and the Dunsmuir Brewery Works. Current growth trends of local breweries are positively impacting multiple economic development sectors.
Benefits of breweries are myriad including tax benefits, community development, and supply chain growth to name a few. In terms of tax benefits, for example, breweries have the potential to provide more benefits to municipalities than other similarly sized manufacturers.
Overall, breweries have an extremely low failure rate. For example, restaurants have one of the highest business failure rates yet when a restaurant is added to a brewery, the brewery failure rate increases minimally.
This guide highlights the benefits that breweries bring to an area, including economic impact, jobs and tax income for the cities and communities across Siskiyou. It also includes information such as land, utilities, workforce, and how the city ought to be prepared before approaching a brewery.

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Overall, breweries have an extremely low failure rate.