Siskiyou Economic Development

Brownfields Program


Here in Siskiyou, we lead the Region in rural Brownfield Development

Since 2011, we have leveraged $40 Million in private investment. Brownfield development has had an annual economic impact of $17 Million in Siskiyou communities. We have seen $99 investment into the local economy for every $1 invested in Brownfield redevelopment.

What are Brownfields?

Brownfields are former industrial or commercial sites where future use is affected by real or perceived environmental contamination.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiated the Brownfields program to support assessment, cleanup, and reinvestment in properties that support the community, enhance the economy, and protect the environment.

The California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) and Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB) collaborate with the EPA to monitor and assist the Brownfields program.

Why Brownfields?

Brownfield redevelopment is a smart investment. It is a proven, successful strategy to economic development. Multiple studies show brownfield redevelopment raises property values, catalyzes investment and returns orders of magnitude on public investment (Source: This is especially true for communities across Siskiyou. In projects that we have completed, the return on investment was $99 returned to the local economy for every $1 invested in redevelopment.


Effect of Yreka Brownfield Program on Annual Job Earnings

This graph illuminates the effect of the successful Yreka Brownfields Assessment Grant on local job earnings. This boost in wages is a product of the multitude of businesses that opened on remediated Brownfield properties and created new jobs in the community. The multiplier effect of these jobs is reflected by the indirect and induced categories.

Our Commitment to Siskiyou’s Land Assets

We invest in Siskiyou by facilitating the redevelopment of Brownfield sites. Removing contaminants, using existing infrastructure, and developing new businesses through the effective management of Brownfield development. This important work allows us to reduce costs related to new infrastructure development, provide jobs, increase income for the local economy, and conserve our natural environment.

We work closely with cities and businesses to identify locations of concern, develop plans for the redevelopment of sites and acquire resources to redevelop the land.  We work with geo-environmental contractors to sample, analyze, assess, and clean up former commercial and industrial sites. We also collaborate with local and regional agencies to provide transparency on this process. We actively market redeveloped land to attract new development. The result of this work is cleaner, safer, healthier cities, and new business and developments.

Accomplishments in Siskiyou:

  • The Landing Commerce Park in City of Mt. Shasta – Over $1.5 million (including the most recent $240,000 cleanup project through the EPA) has already been invested with plans to continue and finish the analysis, cleanup, and redevelopment of this highly marketable 127-acre former lumber mill property in the City of Mt. Shasta. Goals and plans for this property include: an RV Park, Community Park/Green Space, Performing Arts Center, Retail Shopping area, Multi-Purpose Center, and Office Space among others.

  • Yreka Brownfield Assessment Grant (2009 – 2013) – This project included the assessment and planning necessary to redevelop several properties in and around Yreka including properties that were eventually developed by major employers within the county: Fruit Growers Supply Company, Belcampo Farms, and Tractor Supply. To date, the benefits of this program include at least 150 jobs and a $17 million annual economic impact.

  • Coalition Assessment Grant (2017-2020) — The City of Yreka, City of Weed and Siskiyou County are the recipients of a $600,000 EPA Coalition Assessment Grant to compete a Brownfield Inventory, assess priority Brownfield sites and begin redevelopment planning to create an environmentally sustainable and healthy local economy.

Learn about some of our Brownfields successes in the video below.

Though these projects have been funded, wholly or in part, by EPA, the contents of this webpage do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of EPA.