Recycling Market Development Zone

The Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) is a two-way partnership between the Siskiyou Economic Development Council (SEDC) and CalRecycle. The RMDZ forms a nexus of local landfill diversion and economic development efforts. Essential to this partnership is the participation of recycling-based business. RMDZ representatives search for competent, motivated processors and manufacturers willing to initiate or expand the use of recycled materials. The RMDZ program is designed to give local recycling based businesses a competitive edge and offers low interest loans to eligible companies.

The RMDZ works to divert significant quantities of recoverable resources from being thrown into Siskiyou County transfer sites. The RMDZ stimulates the usage of recycled materials by local manufacturers. Using recycled materials will help to create a local market for recyclables and products made from recycled products.