Business Services

Siskiyou County is committed to assist new and expanding businesses. Led by the Siskiyou County Economic Development Council, we will put a team together to help you with every aspect of your project from concept to reality. No matter what you need we will have the most effective professional people there to make sure that each step of your project is handled quickly, thoroughly and within your time line and budget. 
In selecting a site that offers a strategic advantage to your business – attitude and location are everything! You will find both here in Siskiyou County. Combine that with local governments and communities that are pro-business and proactive and you have a win-win combination for your project. Check out more reasons to choose Siskiyou here. One of the best reasons to choose Siskiyou is our very competitive and dynamic incentives program. Here are some of the things that we can offer you and your project.

Personal Attention and Service

The Siskiyou County Economic Development Council will make sure that you and your business receive the personal, one-on-one attention that you deserve.  It is our commitment to making sure that your needs are met and that a friendly, knowledgable staffer is on hand whenever a question arises.  We are willing to take you to site, walk you through the permitting and planning phases, and advocate for you.  This level of service is rare but a guarantee in Siskiyou County. 
Competitive Electrical Rates
Pacific Power provides electricity in Siskiyou County.  They offer new and existing businesses some of the most reasonable economic development utility rates of anywhere in the nation. For example the average rate for electricity in California is $0.11/Kwh compared to Pacific Powers $0.07/Kwh.
Access to Capital
For companies interested in securing additional funding for projects there are a variety of programs available to make sure your project pencils out. These programs include various revolving loan fund programs available locally, ranging from zero percent up to market rates. Additionally, there are potential opportunities for a deferral of principal and interest for up to six months depending on your project. The Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) program offers affordable loans for businesses removing recyclable waste from the California stream.  With our team in place, we can work with you to access the best options available.
Fast Track Permitting
In Siskiyou County we understand the importance of taking a project from concept to reality in a timely manner.  With our team in place we will ensure that there are no roadblocks to delay your project especially where it comes to permitting. We will make sure that your project gets the most expedited permitting available anywhere. Here are some of the areas that we will lead the fast track permitting efforts:
  • Issuing of use permit
  • Issuance of building permits
  • Issuances of sign permit
  • Plan check
  • Issuance of plumbing, heating, electrical permits
  • Issuance of grading permit
  • Architectural review
  • Variance
  • Lot line adjustment
  • Zone change
  • Subdivision
Infrastructure and Other Incentives

Our team will work with you on all of your project needs including infrastructure, workforce training, waste water, roads and more. No matter how small or how large the project, we will be there to make it work for you.  There is no challenge too small or too large for our team to work through for you. We have a proven track record in finding creative solutions to even the toughest challenge, we guarantee it.